My name is Erin! I’m a married Mumma of 3 beautiful little babes living in the beautiful Macedon Ranges with my wonderful husband. Besides the obvious 4 loves of my life, a close second are my girlfriends whom with I spend many hours sipping wine & eating cheese, usually discussing the ins and outs of our lives! My down time is spent enjoying our little farm, weekends wandering at the beach & a dash of work on the community fundraising team for the National Breast Cancer Foundation!

As a huge fan of love & ALL things weddings, ‘Sweet Wonderful You’ is a long held dream of mine. I have had a bit of practise with weddings ........ I have been a bridesmaid 6 times (okay, that is a lot of practise!) and bride (only the once!!). I have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved in the planning of a wedding, whilst recognising that a ceremony deserves much time and attention. Whether it be a wedding, renewal, commitment or naming ceremony, it excites me to be involved in the journey of one of the most important days of your life! I have a very strong focus on the organisation of preparing, creating and most importantly delivering ceremonies with a friendly, relaxed approach.


"Sweet wonderful you, you make me happy with the things you do"

I often get asked about my business name! If you are a child of the 80's (like me) you may recognise the opening lyrics to Fleetwood Mac's classic "You make loving fun". I grew up with Fleetwood Mac on high rotation on the record player (yes, a record player in the dark days before CDs were even a thing and nobody had even dreamed up ipods!). Listening to Fleetwood Mac brings back cherished memories of Mum cutting out patterns on the lounge room floor and her dancing around the kitchen cooking for myself and my four siblings! I also think the lyrics of the song embody everything I love about love; it is about having fun, being happy, believing in magic and miracles. Celebrating love is why I adore being a celebrant.

And if you are too young to be an 80's child and have no idea who Fleetwood Mac is, do yourself a favour and google them, start with their Rumours album. You're welcome!

Much love

Erin xxx